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80% of all diagnosis comes from a proper patient history and physical & neurological exam.

non force treatments

Some of our training utilizes more gentle guiding as opposed to spinal manipulative techniques. When indicated by the condition, this is the style we use.

Light force adjustments

Adjustments are all supposed to be light but each person’s version of light is different. We have training in styles that are known to be extra gentle for kids, elderly and all those that just like a light touch.

chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and very effective but almost all are specific to each person. Sometimes an adjustment is needed to address an injury and all the stages of healing; other times it for health maintenance and wellness.


This is used for many reasons. Kinesiology is: testing muscles and using that information to treat a variety of conditions or telling us where to adjust the spine.

Flexion distraction

This is utilized often when we have patients with disc herniation, facet problems, degenerative discs or decide we don’t want to use rotation for them.

Spinal adjustments

An adjustment by definition is a high speed low force thrust. But the art comes in knowing what each person needs. We utilize many different techniques to address the needs of as many people as possible, but when necessary we will refer out.


We use state of the art equipment and hold to the same standard as hospitals by having all our films read by a radiologist. We also read them from a structural perspective. .

Massage therapy

One of the many services we offer to help our patients recover quicker but also utilized by many others to stay well and, sometimes, be pampered.